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25 septembre 2017 Prise de parole au Parlement européen sur le droit à l’IVG en Europe

25 Sep 17

Contraception and family planning: exchange of views – 25.9.17 Je prendrai la parole au nom de la Marche Mondiale des Femmes vers 17h00

15.00 to 18.30 in room ASP 1G3, Brussels

All the meetings are broadcasted live and recorded unless otherwise indicated.

The Committee will organise an exchange of views on « Contraception and family planning », ahead of the World Contraception Day, which is celebrated every year on 26 September. Awareness about adequate contraception and family planning is an important tool in securing the well-being and autonomy of women and helps families and communities make informed decisions and engage

Sortir l’IVG du Code pénal

23 Nov 16

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